May 2023 Agenda Annual Parish Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday 9 May 2023 at Butterwick Village Hall, commencing at 7.00pm. 

The meeting will be chaired by the Chairman of Butterwick Parish Council.


1.   Introduction and welcome
2.   Approval of the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 10th May 2022

3.   Annual report of the Parish Council by the Chairman, Butterwick Parish council 

4.   To receive a report from the Butterwick Village Hall Committee

5.   To receive a report from the Butterwick Walking Group

6.   To receive a report from the Park Green Project

7.   To receive annual reports from Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire County Council

8.   To invite the public to raise any matters of interest.

A Gosling 
Cllr Andrew Gosling - Chairman